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Here is a sample of some of the species I have worked with over the years.



I am a broadly-trained ecologist with specialization in wildlife-habitat relationships, habitat selection, landscape ecology, population dynamics, animal behavior, biostatistics, and the ecology and conservation of migratory songbirds.

Welcome to the lab of Dr. Kerri Cornell Duerr


Department of Biology

The Department of Biology offers two majors (Biology and Molecular Biology), two interdisciplinary majors (Environmental Science and Neuroscience), and three minors (Biology, Molecular Biology, and Environmental Studies). 


Faculty within the Department of Biology strongly believe that successful preparation for any career in the life sciences begins with a broad foundation in basic biological concepts, a thorough understanding of scientific resources and means of communication, and numerous opportunities for experiential learning. We utilize small class sizes, extensive laboratory and field work, group work, literature review and writing assignments, and individual research projects to achieve departmental objectives. 

Westminster College
Department of Biology
New Wilmington, PA 16142
Office: Hoyt Science Center, Room 313
Tel: 724-946-7210
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